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Monday, May 01, 2006

Frugal Mom Wardrobe Basics

A recent reader request:

Maybe you could give me some help with a couple of simple "must haves" for a modest mom of three (that I could afford).

Since my frugal friend and I live in the same community, and shop the same thrift stores, let it be understood I am assuming a wardrobe which already contains some inexpensive staples. To accomodate readers who don't live near good second-hand clothing stores or who are too busy to shop them, I will focus on sources more accessible to all.

  • Bottoms: The best wardrobes are built from the bottoms up. This season's "must have" with the greatest potential? The Bermuda Short! They allow you to stay cool and casual without sticking to your seat, or worse, looking like you are trying to prove something (that is, that you can still wear short shorts). These from JCPenney are $9.99.

    In addition, if you don't have a girly skirt in a below-the-knee length, now is a great time to get one. Wear it to church, to social functions, and for everyday on the hottest days. As much as I hate to say it, both of my daughters found nice ones at Walmart this year.

  • Tops: Moms like tee-shirts. Why? No ironing! On clearance, or at the lowest price of the season sale at Shopko, I can usually find good t-shirts for about $4, but not always in the colors I want. So I end up at Old Navy. (Another frugal tip: find a friend with a similar style personality who will be your two-for buddy. Shop together and save!) Currently I'm loving sleeveless tees.

  • Jackets and sweaters: I'd love to hear from you readers what your everyday throw-over-everything topper is. Nothing expresses personality like a jacket. I know this sounds crazy, but right now, for practicality and style, I'd add a corduroy one. (Washable, tossable, crumpleable, oh yeah!) If you can't find a nice one on clearance from last fall (Nordstrom Rack has options for less than $20)-- and the good news is fall colors are in for spring-- there are options on eBay.

So, if you bought everything I suggest, and you may not want or need to, it should run you about $60 or $70. Tell me the truth, tightwads, is this too much? Does it leave enough for shoes?

What's on your "must have" list this season?


Blogger TOTE said...

Hi there,

I found you via verbalcroquis blog. I'll check in from time to time to see what your writing about.

2:32 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...


You may also be interested in checking out Carolina Rags, they also do bags (and diaper bags). I just found out about her blog recently, too.

I guess a tote is a frugal mom's basic bag. ??

8:07 AM  

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