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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogging Questions From 'She Lives'

Carol at She Lives, which blog I only stumbled onto yesterday, threw a blogging about blogging event. These are some of the questions she posed Friday and my answers to them:

-- How do find the blogs you read regularly? Through other bloggers' recommendations? Their sidebar links? Search engines? Through comments left on your blog? Something else?
Yes to recommendations and some sidebar links. Not search engines. I don't get many comments from new people, but that always gets me to take a look. In reality, most of my reads come from comments on other blogs, my sitemeter, and Coutorture.

-- When you leave a comment, do you frequently return to that post to check for the author's response?
We've talked about that before.

-- What types of situations might cause you to stop reading a blog that you once enjoyed?
Posts too long. I also have a hard time with blogs that take a long time to load. (I have an "itty-bitty straw". Actually, it's more like a stir stick.)

-- How much personal privacy do you try to maintain when posting on your own blog? Everything that might identify you to a friend or neighbor? Only demographic data? Only children's information? Something else?
I have never said exactly where I live or my children's names, nor have I shown my face. But that's mostly because I have a goofy smile in pictures.

-- What are your thoughts about encouraging offline friends to read your blog?
I try not to mention it. Nevertheless, it is disappointing that more of my friends aren't interested. Hey, people, THIS is the real me.

Now, they were all fascinating questions but, because I don't believe in huge posts, posting on the weekends, or blogging much about blogging (I heard it is somehow not good form), you can read the rest of them here. I am, of course, interested in YOUR thoughts.

For more blogging about blogging, see the 7 days of posts at Blest with sons. She's got more questions!


Blogger Carol said...

Well, thank you for taking the time to address some of these questions. It is really helping me to examine things from many perspectives.

As to the topic of blogging being in bad form...My take is if it's helpful information for other folks to have, why not? I'm not nearly as concerned with how I look as I am with lifting up a friend and learning from their wisdom.

As to long posts...Guilty as charged. I guess I just have a lot to say. I am working toward being more concise. It's a good goal, don't you think?

Thank you for visiting She Lives. I hope you'll visit again soon.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

I think your smile is endearing and not in the least bit goofy, though I understand if you don't want your face on the internet. Your smile is you just as much as your thoughts are :-)

I only read 4 blogs with any regularity and that is because they are blogs of people I actually know. I have looked at others and while many do seem interesting they don't hold my attention because I don't know the person - in the real sense of knowing, if you know what I mean! I do belong to an online message board (with password so only invited women can join in) and it has been a great source for me. I feel like I do know the women there and write several of them regularly (real letters) and have even met some of them in person. The message board has a much more "connected" feeling for me.

I do think you should mention your blog to your friends as I think they would enjoy it if they have time for that and if not, oh well.

Susan in Hot Texas (over 100 degrees today)

4:52 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Carol ~ Thanks for stopping by.

I agree with you, the blogging about blogging was encouraging and helpful information. (I hope that my everyday topics are also encouraging and helpful, which is the main reason I wouldn't want to take a week digression. But it would be fun!)

After answering these questions, I got to wondering how many revisions people make before and/or after posting. I also have an abundance of words and I end up revising and editing lots, making the post shorter each time.

I appreciate your effort to examine other perspectives. :)

Susan ~ Thanks for your encouragement. I'll pray about your suggestion.

It has been loads of fun having you here!

5:39 PM  

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