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Thursday, June 08, 2006

O Magazine June 2006 Cover Art

Likely it is not necessary for me to explain why I have chosen this detour in my series on Vogue cover art. I'm sure you've seen the Uma Thurman in bikini, June 2006 Vogue.

So, why not do Oprah? For a dose of reality dressing, her looks are closer to where most of my peers live.

First principle I want to highlight is that of line in the body. It's no secret that Oprah's body is primarily soft, curved lines; notice how the smooth stretch fabric of her clothing harmonizes with her soft curviness. Perhaps you are already employing this principle in your own clothing choices.

  • Identifying your body lines: Look for soft, smooth curves (like Oprah's); harder, muscular curves; or the straighter lines of visible bones. Many people (like me) have predominantly straight lines above the waist and curved below; you could also be the other way around.

  • Creating harmony with fabric: Drapey fabrics, such as smooth knits, flatter soft smoothness; crisper fabrics, such as cotton twill or linen, suit more skeletal bodies. In the case of the combination, my preference is to dress to match the top half (after all, the face is the natural focal point of every outfit).

  • Creating harmony with tailoring: Among other considerations, line in the body contributes to preferences for straight or angled details vs. rounded lines in things like necklines and collar construction.

  • Creating drama with contrast: Once you've assimilated this idea and feel comfortable working with it, you may want to try the opposite for dramatic effect.

Okay, now for something simple. How about the color harmony? Monochromatic (Oprah's own coloring is monochromatic). And a bonus thought: Note how the line movement in the print relates to the lines and shapes in Oprah's hair and features.

Ugh. I so wanted to do a helpful and analytical post. Unfortunately, due to Blogger issues, I have to be thankful for whatever this turns out to be. For some reason, I am unable to use preview. Oh well.


Anonymous HolyMama! said...

my mind is spinning. SPINNING! i've never considered any of what your'e discussing here. must process.

10:58 AM  

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