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Friday, June 09, 2006

Name Another Tune

Getting to know people is one of the things I enjoy most at parties. So, although I am not giving away a CD this week, perhaps if I give you a little background on myself you will play anyway.

I was born a rock-and-roller. No, I have no musical talent; beyond head-banging, that is. So I went from Partridge Family to KISS to ZZTop without skipping a beat. I never really warmed up to '80s music (--gasp!--). But then along came "alternative" ... just the combination of creativity and predictability to suit me.

Trouble was the themes. At first I wasn't really "listening" to the words, but there they were nonetheless. Eventually I couldn't listen anymore. Thankfully, around that time we found DCTalk.

This week I received my copy of the ApologetiX disc Ticked, parodies of '90s modern rock masterpieces. Name the original song and band for this one:

"Weird Al" should agree; it's all a parody. Someone else could've made every song we played. What if you don't like lines the band re-writes? What else do you need ... our apologies?

But if our songs get someone to see the Son, is it wrong? Is it wrong? Really? Really?

Do you have a guess?


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