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Monday, June 05, 2006

Carnivale de Couture: Regional Casual Uniform

After experiencing every kind of computer problem, today of all days, I am finally able to offer you the 20th Carnivale of the Couture! Thanks to all who participated!

Now, on to our whirlwind Regional Style Tour of North America, moving roughly East to West. You can tell you're in _________ when you see the people dressed in ______ --

  • Downtown Boston, via Phyllis and published in comments here: "black stretch microfiber pants, black boots, and a denim jacket worn with a white turtleneck, white blouse, or white T-shirt. The only other accessory is a cell phone, a cigarette and a handbag adorned with lots of hardware. Sunglasses are optional."

  • New York, via Almost Girl: American Apparel, Rem Koolhas Mobius sandals, and skinny jeans (but not on Julie).

  • New York's "poorer, less hip cousin", Philadelphia, via Shoe Sense: colorful nonchalance, masterfully accessorized, and comfortable shoes. Philly was also mentioned in comments as being recognizable for Eagles gear.

  • Culturally diverse Toronto, as compared to New York, via final fashion: accessible trends, such as American Apparel and H&M (neither of which is available in my neck of the woods).

  • South Florida, Designer Ella's second home, via Kiss Me, Stace: lamentably too casual beach wear.

  • Pittsburg, via Style Graduate, who takes us from the airport to her neighborhood: Steelers gear.

  • Chicago, Linmayu's own neighborhood specifically (from comments): T-shirts, leggings, and flip-flops on obese middle-aged women. Younger women: tank tops and muffin tops.

  • Dallas, also published in comments: good hair, tans, and lots of skin showing, with various neighborhood "dialects".

  • SE Montana, via Jody, and published in comments here: cowboy hats, boots, Wranglers bootcut jeans, leather belts with big buckles, and, on the ladies, tank tops.

  • Update. Las Vegas (the visitors), late entry (in comments) from Annie: puffy white athletic shoes, the cut-offs and the message t-shirt.

  • My own neighborhood : army green pants/skirt, black top, dark brown or black toeless clogs.

  • San Diego, via The Runway Scoop: the ubiquitous flip-flop.

  • Malibu, via Manolo's own blog: "California Beach Chic", the description of which you must, of course, go read for yourself.

  • San Francisco, from comments: thrift store finds mixed into most people's wardrobes.

  • Almost Canada via my sister, from comments: fitted v-neck t-shirts in colors, not black; cargo or denim capris or bootcut pants/jeans; and Danskos.

There you have it -- 14 stops! Are you exhausted? I am. But what fun! Manolo, I'm definitely in next time it's my turn to host the Carnivale.


Anonymous Designer Ella said...

I disagree with Downtown Boston, hmm.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...


I have tried and tried to observe a uniform for my hometown. At this point the only real common theme I can find? Painted toenails! Whether goth or hiphop, business casual or plain casual, older or younger, it seems that the summer uniform here has the nailpolish manufacturers happy.

5:43 AM  
Blogger The Bargain Queen said...

Great topic! Pity I was offline sorting out technical problems all week and missed it. *sigh*

Also, my site's moved to If you get a chance to update your blogroll, that would be brilliant :)

12:53 AM  

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