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Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Giving Away Another CD

Last Friday night, I threw a party here, with music by ApologetiX, That Christian Parody Band. It was loads of fun (at least it was loads of fun for Susan, she took home a CD). Now I'm at it again.

Name That Tune, Installment #2:

All the stalls stink - Two bears, two pigs
I'll take one whiff - Before I get sick
Wallabies, rhinos - you'll see on my boat
Watch me straightening - the mess they're making
Save your raincoat - I will not go
Where's the Lysol? - carry me soap
Na-na -- na-na-na-Noah -na -na -na

This description of Noah's ark begins a Christian parody of a popular song; to win, name the original song and the artist/band. More than one person with the correct answer? We'll have a drawing. Monday morning. Before I start working on the Carnival.

Monday a.m.: So sorry, no winner. The song? All The Small Things, by Blink 182.


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