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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Girl In Boys Board Shorts

This picture was supposed to be used for the Carnivale of Couture at ShoeSense, way back around "Red-white-&-blue Day". Unfortunately, due to technical problems, I was unable to post.

This is my daughter with the purely functional style personality, dressed in her everyday clothes. Actually, this solid color t-shirt would be one of her dressier ones. A true everyday ensemble might include a thrift store tee from some old vacation Bible school. Just call her "sporty".

The shorts are reversible, purchased half-price in the boy's department at Old Navy. Two shorts for (half the) price of one. An additional benefit is the elastic waist, eliminating the precise fitting necessary with some juniors board shorts.

Don't the knee-length shorts look elegant? Especially with the shapely swooooosh down the side.


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