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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Swimming in the Deep Blue SEA

I really love you guys ...

This, specifically the Holland Abilities Codes, is something I've wanted to blog about for a long time.

A year and a half or so ago, I went through a number of personality profile type assessments, with a rather disturbing outcome. Previously I have mentioned being uncomfortable with the fact that people tend to see me differently from how I see myself.

When I took the very comprehensive PLACE ministries course, a lightbulb kinda came on for me. I had never previously heard of the abilities codes; mine is SEA. What that means, in detail, is that I'm equally well-suited to working in social and enterprising environments, followed closely by artistic. Frankly, people, I may be hard-wired to do this blog.

But, until I stumbled into the blogosphere, I think it had been wearing on me. Where in our churches and communities is there a place for a person who won't stop talking about what to wear?

Did I mention that I really love you guys?


Blogger Beck said...

I wonder how many of us often feel like who we are is so different from how we're viewed? I've always felt like A Very Deep Person; I tend to come across like an artsy Minnie Mouse, without Minnie's common sense. It can be discouraging! I'm glad you have found blogging!

6:50 PM  

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