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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Will the Real Trendsetter Please Stand Up

Back here I explained that the hallmark of a glamorous style personality is that she always looks FABULOUS, using fashion writer and blogger Kristopher Dukes as my example. In her It's Easy as Jacket on and Go, Susie Bubble of Style Bubble gives us a glimpse into the thinking of the true trendsetter: what I call "alternative", for lack of a better term, in my quiz.

(Tori Hartman calls this style "Trendy", which I think is nothing but confusing. "Trendy" calls to mind a person who is all about the trends. I'm talking about a person who is all about wearing what works for her, but has such style in doing it that she winds up SETTING the trends.)

The true trendsetter/alternative will wear a random signature piece or favorite item, like Susie's sequin jacket, with everything or whatever and look totally normal.

Yeah. Not everyone can do that.

Another indicator of the alternative style personality? The ability to wear other styles, but as a costume.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Love, love, love the sequin jacket. I took your idiom quiz again and came up alternative (first time was contemporary). I suppose I'm both, mainly because of budgetary constraints, or I'd be alternative all the time. Also, at church I desire to not draw a ton of attention to myself and be a distraction to others. So, I'm going to start looking at my wardrobe from a more "alternative" slant and see what happens! and I guess that means I should have bought the leopard clogs after all. *sigh* well, I did see some leopard flats in the Target ad for only $10 so maybe I'll go that route.

I'm truly glad I'm not the only one who can go on and on about clothes.....

9:40 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I bet you are both. Most people are blends. (I am contemporary and functional.)

Maybe you should go zebra or something a little bit more unusual than leopard. Just a thought, see what you find.

I'm truly glad you are here. And that God provided an avenue for me to go on and on about clothes. Not that it's the most important thing in the world, just that it's one of the things I have the most words concerning. :)

9:56 PM  

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