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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Hillary Face

I have referenced previously "the face", i.e. the "these-are-not-my-clothes-can-I-take-them-off" face. In our family the face has a name, the name of a young lady with roughly the same style idiom as my husband whose mother has a more "girly" style. Of course, I cannot name her here, so, on the inspiration of a friend who recently named Hillary Clinton as a "fake Traditional" (what I call Timeless) ...

"the face" shall hereafter be known as "the Hillary face".

And now, a little stroll down Hillary lane:

The dress she wore when Bill became governor. That is so cute! Not at all traditional.

How she looked when he became president. Pretty, relaxed ...

After she underwent her "image refinement". Does it appear that something's just not quite right?

Now, since I am neither a big Hillary fan nor an expert in current world affairs, I'd love to get your opinion.
  • Do you think Hillary looks uncomfortable in her clothes?
  • What do you think her natural style might be?


Blogger catalina said...

I think Senator Clinton looks comfortable as she is currently dressing (simple dark pantsuits, a shorter and more modern haircut). The style she wears fits her job, age, and the state she represents in Congress.

5:44 PM  

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