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Monday, June 12, 2006

Frugal Mom Has a Social Life

AKA Frugal Mom Goes to the Ball.

Finally! The long-awaited, fourth and final installment in the frugal mom wardrobe by lifestyle segment series.

The key to being frugal, and still accepting invitations to social events, is to be prepared. Forget the foolish notion that every event requires a new dress. With one each of the following hanging ready to go at a moment's notice, you can go anywhere.

  • A street dress: In my previous post, A Single Dress, I explained how to get by with just one. Mine is dark blue with a small print, purchased at Value Village for just $1. Still nursing? A nice skirt and twinset fills in nicely for most events, and is more forgiving size-wise.

  • Cocktail dress: The sensible woman has one of these hanging in her closet, just in case. The Bargain Queen, who is more sensible than most, has several, including some she picked up from the trash. Here's mine. Look for a length that's at least to the knee; shorter can look dated or, worse, desperate.

  • Ball gown: My $7 ball gown is actually a long skirt and top combination. Because I still crave the wardrobe variety I am trying to convince myself (and you) is not really necessary, I exploit the flexibility of separates.

Now, the best for last, my favorite event dressing tip: borrow a dress from a friend. I love to lend clothes!


Anonymous HolyMama! said...

i want a value village!!

9:13 PM  

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